Top Trendy Autumn Colours For Your Fall Outfits

Top Trendy Autumn Outfits

Autumn has always held a special place in my heart regarding autumn colour palettes. While the soft pastels of spring and vibrant tropical shades of summer are undeniably beautiful and exhilarating, something about the earthy neutrals of fall captivates me. They emit a sense of comfort and warmth that I simply can’t resist. And this year, according to the insights of stylists, the autumn colours of 2023 align perfectly with the season’s cosy ambience.

When you envision fall, what colours immediately cross your mind? Undoubtedly, it’s the rich hues of the changing leaves. As the temperature cools, the once vibrant green foliage transforms into a magnificent spectrum of deep crimson, golden yellow, or even an enchanting burnt orange. Some leaves even take on a regal plum shade. These timeless autumn shades have remained steadfast as seasonal essentials, but now the colour story of autumn is expanding.

In the upcoming fall of 2023, there will be a focus on complementary hues that can either shine independently or contribute to a striking contrast. To help you stay ahead of the fashion trends, we sought advice from four experienced stylists and fashion experts who have dissected the specific shades they foresee dominating the fashion scene. So brace yourself, because you’re about to get a sneak peek into the colours in autumn that will be everywhere this fall.


According to Ramy Brook Sharp, the founder and creative director of Ramy Brook, earthy tones such as clay possess a remarkable versatility that complements various skin tones, eye colours, and hair shades. She further explains that these tones effortlessly shift between serving as a neutral base or providing a bold and captivating burst of colour.  So clay could be one of the finest choices of colours for autumn outfits.

Viva Magenta

According to fashion stylist and style expert Naina Singla, Viva Magenta has not only been selected as Pantone’s Color of the Year but also plays a prominent role in the highly anticipated Barbie movie. Additionally, this colour has gained attention on the Valentino Fall/Winter 2022 runway. Singla predicts that this striking hue will continue to make a statement in the fashion industry, appearing in the upcoming fall and winter seasons of 2023 as a preferred colour choice for your fall outfits. It can be expected to be incorporated into monochromatic ensembles or used as an accent colour.

Chalky Cream and Bone

Angelique Joseph, the SVP of design & development at Naturalizer, mentions that the cream, bone, and winter white colour palette is expected to be highly popular for the season. She explains that tonal dressing continues to be a significant trend and aligns well with the Quiet Luxury trend. Furthermore, Joseph remarks that these colours have made a strong appearance on runways and have been noticed during Europe inspiration shopping, indicating their increasing popularity. Joseph adds that trend forecasting has heavily emphasized these colours in autumn outfits as well. Additionally, she notes that this colour trend is already being observed in footwear.

Red Dahlia

According to Singla, the upcoming fall season is set to showcase a significant trend towards vibrant red shades. Specifically, the colour “Red Dahlia” made a prominent appearance in the Yves Saint Laurent and Prada Fall ’23 shows, as well as The Row Spring ’24 runway presentation. Additionally, at Gucci, this iconic red hue was expertly combined with a luscious yellow shade, resulting in a stunning colour combination. Singla describes Red Dahlia as embodying the concept of elegance, making it a perfect choice for sophisticated accents during the colder months. This rich red hue can be effortlessly layered underneath coats and complemented with bold red accessories for your outfits, such as a trendy top-handle mini bag.


According to Jay Hines, an esteemed celebrity stylist, there are several key factors contributing to the projected prominence of rich, deep hues. One of these factors lies in the influence of renowned fashion collections like Victoria Beckham, Hermès, and Stella McCartney. These celebrated designers have showcased and popularized these specific colour palettes, thus propelling their prevalence in the upcoming fashion trends. Furthermore, Hines emphasizes the significance of social media as a determining factor. By observing the inclinations of individuals on various social platforms, fashion enthusiasts and industry professionals can gauge the public’s inclination towards these opulent shades. Therefore, combining the influence of fashion powerhouses and the sway of social media, rich, deep hues are expected to make a notable splash in the fashion scene in your fall outfits.

Chocolate Brown

Singla shares that at the Saint Laurent Fall ’23 show, a stunning array of brown hues took centre stage, with an intriguing emphasis on head-to-toe tonal ensembles. This rich and earthy colour gracefully graced the runway, offering a captivating visual experience. He further notes that Prada also joined in on the brown trend, showcasing chocolate brown along with complementary neutrals like grey, black, and white. Singla highlights the versatility of this captivating shade, emphasizing its ability to effortlessly complement and harmonize with a vast range of other colours. He boldly suggests that brown is undergoing a transformative journey and is on the precipice of becoming the new go-to hue for fall 2023, much like black has been in the past.

End words

So, as we approach the fall of 2023, it’s clear that the autumn colour palette is expanding and evolving. From the timeless hues of the changing leaves to the bold and striking shades predicted by fashion experts, there’s something for everyone to embrace this season. Whether you’re drawn to the versatility of clay, the statement-making power of Viva Magenta, the elegant charm of Chalky Cream and Bone, the sophistication of Red Dahlia, the opulence of burgundy, or the transformative journey of chocolate brown, these colours are sure to define the fashion scene and bring a touch of warmth and style to your wardrobe. So get ready to embrace the cosy ambience of fall with the latest autumn colour trends of 2023. With so much variety and versatility, I can’t wait to see how these autumn colors will come to life in the upcoming season. See you in autumn with these colours!


  1. What are some popular autumn colours for fall outfits?

– Some popular autumn colours for fall outfits include clay, Viva Magenta, chalky cream and bone, red dahlia, burgundy, and chocolate brown.

  1. How versatile is the colour clay?

– Clay is a versatile colour that complements various skin tones, eye colours, and hair shades. It can be used as a neutral base or as a bold burst of colour.

  1. Why is Viva Magenta a trendy colour for fall?

– Viva Magenta has been selected as Pantone’s Color of the Year and has gained attention on fashion runways, including Valentino. It can be used in monochromatic ensembles or as an accent colour.

  1. Is chocolate brown a trendy colour for fall?

– Yes, chocolate brown is becoming a trendy colour for fall. It was showcased in fashion shows, like Saint Laurent and Prada, and is versatile enough to complement a range of other colours. It is on the verge of becoming a go-to hue for fall 2023